The RayCatcher™

The RayCatcher is a portable 4 G Wi-Fi “Hot Spot” and charging station. It has the largest Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery in our product line, (40 amps/hrs.), it the flagship of SOS’s Wi-Fi solar charging series. Dual Wi-Fi Carrier capabilities, it can also charge up to 12 cell phones and 2 laptops simultaneously. Stream Live Video though our Ethernet input or charge hand held 12 volt DC devices. Rugged casing with a folding handle, it can be rolled or carried for easy mobility. The RC series can offer answers to connectivity challenges and keep your devices running with its robust multi-powered charging systems. Keep the systems charged by Solar, House or Traditional Generators. Ask for a demo. Come by our offices or have one of our specialists come to you.

RayCatcher Product Sheet PDF

-Solar On Set.