The RayCatcherLite™


The RayCatcherLite™

The RayCatcherLite is SOS’s mid-sized portable 4 G WI-Fi “Hot Spot” and charging station. With great Wi-Fi speeds and phone charging capabilities, the RCLite carries on the RayCatcher tradition of portability and a solar power option. Weighing in at 23 lbs., is can provide Wi-Fi up to 25 users and charge up to 12 cell phones simultaneously. Weather resistant rugged casing, it can be carried like a small suitcase for easy mobility. RCL is perfect for camping, hunting, location scouts and disaster relief. The RC series can offer answers to connectivity challenges and keep your devices running with its robust multi-powered charging systems. Keep the systems charged by Solar, House or Traditional Generators. Ask for a demo. Come by our offices or have one of our specialists come to you.


RayCatcherLite Info Sheet
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