DIY Folding 80 & 120 Watt Solar Panel kits


DIY Folding 80 & 120 Watt Solar Panel kits

Do It Yourself, DIY, folding 80 & 120 Watt Solar Panel Kits. Charge phones and laptops when your power goes down. For picnics and outdoor events, power sound systems, including speakers, to make the event environmentally friendly without the noise of a traditional generators that are loud and create pollution. Kits are made to order and include batteries and solar conditioner/controllers. Our custom made solar panels can be purchased individually so you can build your own solar systems. Be prepared for disaster situations and have one of our kits part of your survival plan. Talk to one of our specialists to see how we can meet your portable, green power needs.

State of the art  Solar On Set 80 watt and 120 watt monocrystalline folding solar panel kits are now available for sale. These are the same custom panels that previously came exclusively with our rental units and are now available for individual sale. The kit includes everything you need to charge a battery, packed neatly in an attractive portable nylon case. The kit includes folding solar panels with built in handles, latches and protective corner guards. The unit also includes a 6 amp charger controller prewired to the panels with a bare wire lead for the connectors of your choice (examples)? (alligator clips in our demo picture not included). Lightweight telescopic legs allow for maximum sun exposure and easy storage. Please contact Solar On Set  for more details. Deluxe 80 watt monocrystalline kit $299.00

Deluxe 120 watt monocrystalline kit $399.00
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battery and alligator clips not included


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